Cylinder Filling Oxygen Nitrogen Plants

Universal Boschi started manufacturing of cylinder filling oxygen nitrogen plants with Italian engineers from BOSCHI at its production units in New Delhi. Our engineers have years of experience in the domain of designing, manufacturing, supplying, erection and commissioning of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Acetylene plants. In addition, we acquire designs & drawings from ING. L. & A. Boschi of Italy. Dr. Boschi is worldwide popular since 1930 for its technologies along with designs and drawings.

Our cylinder filling oxygen nitrogen plants is a multistage machine, balance opposed oil lubricated and water-cooled heavy duty designed and developed for 24 hours continuous operation, horizontal with rugged inter coolers to give normal discharge conditions. This can be single frame or a primary and secondary compressor. The increased no. Of stages enhances the volumetric efficiency of the compressor and diminishes B.H.P. The inter stage temperature are low and therefore no carbon formation.

Advantages of buying cylinder filling oxygen nitrogen plants:

Compact and sturdy design
Reliable and optimum performance
Life span over 25 to 30 years
Energy efficient

We offer cylinder filling oxygen nitrogen plants, which fulfill the requirement of our international customers. The latest plants are worldwide popular for consuming least power and requiring minimal upkeep expenses. Within these 29 years, we have clients from over 40 countries and all of them are happy with our products as well as services. We give huge discounts on our spare parts as well.

Technical Specifications
Name of the Models UB - 20 UB - 30 UB - 50 UB - 80 UB - 100 UB - 150 UB - 200 UB - 300 UB - 400 UB - 500 UB -1000
Capacities (Cubicmeter/hr) 20 30 50 80 100 150 200 300 400 500 1000
No. of Cylinders in a Day (Oxygen/Nitrogen) 80 100 200 300 400 600 800 1200 1600 2000 4000